I watched CSI:NY tonight as I usually do. If you are familiar with the show, you know who Bonasera is. Anyways, at the end of the show she searches on the internet for the word in which I used for the title of this post. The reason why she searched for that word was due do an artist making a sculpture for her naming it Aresanob (Yes, it’s Bonasera spelled backwards), which he tells her means “Soul of a Woman”. Anyways, I went to & it’s an actual site that CBS is using to advertise next weeks episode of CSI:NY. A lot of TV shows are linking to interactive web sites. Even Smallville has a blog at AOL to go along with the recent episodes. Whenever I hear a URL mentioned in a TV show, I always try it out due to my curiosity. Do you find that strange or do you try it as well?

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297 thoughts on “Aresanob

  1. Thanks Jason, my daughter was asking me to search for that word but didn’t know how to spell it last night, I missed that part and she was driving me crazy….you saved me…

  2. I am so glad someone else had to find out what she saw on the internet. I still don’t know what horrified her but I guess what it does is it makes me watch this week’s show. Thanks!1

  3. i just watched it and of course came here to see what the heck it meens so your sure that is all it is? i hope they put a spin to it on the show that would be neet?and who is bonasera?i dont watch all the time so am curious

  4. i’m waiting for it to load.
    in this weeks episode,
    when she went to the website
    she saw herself having sex with her boyfriend.
    I’m hoping to see the same thing :D

  5. last weeks episode saw bonasara looking up the name of the sculpture and there was nothing on arasanob but when she tried it came up with her and frankie (her boyfriend) having sex and it was published on the internet

  6. pues yo tambien tengo curiosodad por saber que quiere decir o que es lo que ella ve, a mi tambien me encanta csi ny a mi tambien me dio por buscar lo de bonasera y bueno aqui estoy y acabo de descubrirlo.

    Atte: Abigail Cuernavaca, México.



  8. There’s no way they can show what she saw on the internet if it was her and her boyfriend having sex! Next week’s episode is really good…….

  9. to jsmith
    what do you mean we are freaks? we just want to know
    what she saw! i went to do a search also and all i got was
    the video of her & her boyfriend but if you are so smart.. then tell us!!!!!

  10. hey, tonight was the second time i’ve seen that episode and thanks to you guys I FINALLY know what it means. i couldn’t find any video or nething on the computer. i’m a ditz with comps i guess :). but thanx now it makes more sense. (o yes and next weeks is awesome!) I watch all 3 csi’s…it’s my major. :)

  11. Oh I was definitely curious!! Kinda disappointed that its not a site about what an “aresanob” really is “0( But gonna make definitely sure that I watch next week.

  12. She saw a video of her and the “boyfriend” having sex … the guy made a video. I have not seen the “next” episode even though it was from April. I watch CSI repeats due to watching others shows first run. I’m guessing the “boyfriend” turns out to not just be an artist who likes to sculpt, but likes to use the camera to capture “art” as well.

  13. geesh you guys still haven’t seen this episode. Anyways it’s a good story Kid Rock isn’t as important as the one with Stella and her boyfriend Frankie. I don’t want give away the whole story but let’s just say the thing her boyfriend gave has a secret, horrible and gruesome meaning behind it. aresanob is Detective Stella Bonasera backwards so those of you that were right and the video that she saw was most likely of her and frankie having sex.

  14. I only watch the Las Vegas CSI (the best one) so I catch this one on reruns sometimes. Since I don’t know all the characters, who is Detective Stella? I don’t think I saw her in this episode. How did Det. Stella get the nickname Bonasera? Since this is a rerun, I wish someone would give away the whole story!!! LOL

  15. Detective Stella Bonasera is her name. She was the one investigating the murder of the guy who got stabbed and she was also the one having sex at the beginning of the show but then had to leave. Thanks for the info on aresanob, I am one of those curious freaks.

  16. jason i dont think its strange. i have been mustering up the courage to go to i was scared because of the movement that appeared on the screen when she pulled up the site.i didnt want to pull up anything to gruesome. glad to see there are other curious & courageous people in the world!

  17. Thank goodness for TiVo. I just saw the episode for the first time. I have never, until now, researched something online that I took from a show. I imagine this sort of advertising will become more and more popular. It’s an apparently functioning idea.

  18. Hi there !
    I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. Today, Tuesday, August 15, 2006 is first time my wife and I watched that episode. I ran to my Notebook googling about ‘aresanob’ as well. I know that we in Indonesia, stay behind about 4 months to watch this CSI episode. So, please tell me a short story after this ‘aresanob’ episode ? :)

  19. That episode was only shown last night (august 15) here in asia. I asked my husband to try search for it in the internet out of curiosity. Hey you’ll never know right? I think its great what tv shows do nowadays to advertise.

  20. How come i never got to see the thing that was on the website. after that episode i headed straight for the internet but all i got was a black screen just there starin at me. man asia is way behind. hey ad really love to know what this aresanob thing is besides the fact that it’s stella’s second name spelled backwards. i gotta watch nxt weeks episode.

  21. Hi. I’m from Portugal and I have only seen the “aresanob” episode of CSI NY yesterday. Obviously, I just couldn’t stop thinking in what she saw and here I am trying to find out and going to the website… That’s what makes a policial tv show so exciting: curiosity. After all it is part of our human nature!
    Anyway now I know that it is just a sex scene with her boyfriend. I was thinking that it could be a crime scene on the Internet… it would be less predictable…

  22. hi…i think that that is cool… because i came to your blog because i was looking for what aresanob means… i like your thinking and i will visiting you more often… where are you from.. if is not to hard for you to tell me…my english is not so good… so… don?t smile please…

  23. Hi! I’m from Croatia. I also watched this episode and guys it was obvious that she saw eather her incriminated pictures or them having sex! But anyway CSI rules! Except Navy CSI. It’s kind’a boring! Anyway sorry for eventual mistakes, my english is not so good but I try. By!

  24. Malo nas je al nas ima. Ma ljudi da vas pitam, ne čini li vam se da su ovi ameri (ma ne vrijeđam nikog) ali malo , neznam,…ograničeni. Mislim glede serije, pa bilo je stvarno očito što je vidjela. Enivej ja sam totalni ovisnik o toj seriji i baš mi je drago da nas ima još…Mulder i Scully bi rekli ”The truth is out there!”

  25. pa možda imaš pravo što se tiče njih…ali šta nas briga …hehe… e da i ja isto obožavam CSI e… totalno zakon… i sve takve serije… raaaaaaaaaaaa… cooliška…aje pozzz

  26. whahaha, I guess I am a freak to! Here in holland we fall behind 6 months or so, so I only saw the aresanob episode tonight :) but now I know what it means I am happy!

  27. oke, wij zijn dus ook van die freaks, w2ant wij wilden ook weten wat inhoudt.
    leuke aflevering van CSI, ben benieuwd wat er volgende keer volgt.
    groeten uit Holland (the Netherlands)

  28. OMG, im a freak. im from Holland also and couldnt resist to look for the meaning instantly after the show. Ill sleep good tonight ;-)

  29. I guess I don’t have to say why i’m here (also from the Netherlands)?! Keep this blog running and you’ll know all the countrys and the exact (local) time of the CSI episodes. Greetings

  30. Funny all! I’m in Japan and just saw this episode and IMMEDIATELY went to the computer to search :). Nice to see other curious souls :)

  31. hello i’m from the netherlands… the episode about aresanob/bonasera was this last weekend 29th of september 2006… and i thought well maybe i find also a shoking thing on the internet… so i searched either… and now i’m here so its not really shocking… nice is a bether word… ;):P

    Bye bye

  32. I am stationed in Italy as part of the US Army, and this episode just aired on AFN (Armed Forces Network). I figured it was her having sex, but in case it was some crazy thing I had to check. Thank you for initiating this blog. By the way “bonasera” means “good night”. In Italian it is “buona sera”, I m guessing that it is Portuguese on the show. Well bona sera everyone.

  33. I’m in Germany and this is my first time seeing this episode. I was curious so I like everybody else tried to find out what she saw. I just got a black screen with some blog on it. I too watch all of the the CSI’s including NCIS. They are all good!!!

  34. hey im from lebanon i just watched the episode! and i couldnt resist i was curious to know what this words mean! and damn it! havin sex with her bf! he’s dead!

  35. Hello, i’ve just look on the episode about “aresanob”, and I’ve been curiosed to find on internet what Bonasera saw. I look forward for the next episode…and tahnks for this blog. By the way…”bonasera” is similar with “buona sera” from italian, or “buna seara” from roumanian(and roumanian is my mother language:-P)…means “good evening”, not “good night”.

  36. Just watched the episode on mNet in Nigeria. A little behind the rest of the world. Came here like the rest of you. I will never see the next episode and will forever wonder what she saw :(

  37. Hi,

    I am a freak joining on. I am in Namibia and only saw the episode tonight, 9 November. I guess we are even more behind than Nigeria. Inquiring minds are great ones!!

    Thanks for the blog.


  38. Just watched the episode on Mnet in South Africa tonight. Was just as Curious cam running to the pcs too. Google brought me here. Thanks for all the info

  39. Hi everyone,

    Just watched the “aresanob” episode tonight on Belgian TV and like all of you typed the name on google … 7 months later ! Thanks for all the info !

  40. Hey everyone :)
    Would you believe we only saw it in Melbourne Australia tonight – November 19! We are further behind than all the rest of you guys!
    Yep as soon as I saw her shocked face I ran to the computer to investigate! I guess no matter where we are from, we may all have the very same behaviours hey! :)
    Take care all,

  41. well im in australia. just watched the aresanob episode, nice ending punch line. i actually did a wrod search on google to find the MEANING of aresanob, then came to this site. i didnt know anything like this forum exsited! nice to know there a clues out there if i miss something in the episode…as i often miss a week or two.

  42. I had a joke with my daughter about people rushing to their computers to google aresanob and of course had to do it ourselves.
    What a hoot to find this site and all the other people from around the world having done the same thing.

  43. Now every one in Australia adds there 2 bobs worth. This is such a great thread. The CSI marketing executives would have a ball with this data…..knowing when everybody on the planet watched this episode :-)

    won sdrawkcab tleps eman reh s’ti taht wonk lla ew epoh I

  44. Yeah, I thought it was going to be something more like a crime, which would be better I think. But still, it just left you hanging as the words “Jerry Bruckheimer” came on screen! lol!

    Anyway, for anyone who just sees a blank screen when the visit the website, you may not have Flash Player or Java Installed, it may be turned off or blocked.

  45. Hi to all CSI addicts !

    From Portugal :
    I’ve just seen the episode CSI NY with the famous aresanob… and as everybody in the world (like i’ve seen on this blog !) i went on google afterward ! It’s amazing the interest created by this show ! and like i’ve seen on the blog, somebody said that we are freak… if being curious is being freak… so i’m very proud to be freak ! and i think that this person is also freak… how can he get on this blog without searcing for “aresanob” ???

    Boa Noite !!!


  46. Just watched CSI tonight (28th Nov 06) – I think I know what Bonasara saw – let’s see if the programe tells me if I’m right.
    You US guys are lucky, you get a heads up 6 months in advance of we Brits…enjoy and keep posting

  47. Hi All,

    Just like all the crazy freaks – I’ve paused the episode to get the website displayed and started searching. When I saw the line (now I’m going to teach you a thing about crime scenes) flashing I thought … o hell it is going to be scary.

    By the way – UK is even more behind … this was the first broadcast.

    Keep on investigating!

  48. Hi,
    As most of you guys, i’ve stopped by this website when “doing a google” on the word aresanob. I just watched the episode over here in Brazil, and i’m very curious about what’s gonna happen next.
    I’ve visited the website and it shows a video of next weeks episode… I can’t wait to see it, it looks like it’s going to be great!

    Loved to read your msgs…

    Até mais! And Hello from Brazil!


  49. increible por solo curosidad vusque en el web y mire la gran sorpresa que me llevo. fenonmenal pero que es lo que vio???????? mauro

  50. Hello…my name is Camila, i’m from Santiago de Chile, i’m not so good in english but anyways i’m going to try it…I visit too the web site…because i was looking a tv show or something…and then really call my atention the show…so i watch it…and like i’m curious too i try to see the web site…i really scared when i saw the words “now i’m going to teach you a thing or two about crime scenes” but then….nothing happened…i feel a little disappointed…i think that i have to wait to see it the next week like the rest of people and know what’s going to happened

  51. OMG it sounds like a kewl as eppi!!!! i missed it coz ma mum made me go to a dinner that was suppoed to finish at 8.30pm when the show starts here in NZ! It went on till 10om grrrrrrr. I am obsessed with CSI!!!!!!!

  52. We (from Germany) watched this episode on Monday. I think Stella could do something against her boyfriend, because of her job, because I believe that she has good connections to important persons.

  53. We in Slovenia just saw the episode minutes ago. Interesting approach with an end like that. And, of course, curiosity killed the cat … :-)

  54. Ne vem… Kaksni k so malo manj obsedeni res ne bi… :) Nič lepo se imej pa uživaj, pa se slišimo tle an forumu ko bo naslednji del spet na tv-ju :p

    See ya

  55. hi. i m from slovenia and i down here we saw that episode today and i just wanted to inform u that u americans aren t only freaks that imediately ran to computer and search it up :D:D i did it myself too. lol well have good time yah all :)

  56. hehe, noro… full dobr za senzacijo..
    kok folka sploh gleda CSI, pa kok jih zanima….

    sam je pa čist huda scena ::D

    happy NY 2 all!!!!

  57. I am also from Slovenia. I hardly ever watch CSI: New York because I prefer Las Vegas and Miami. But tonight I caught the last 10 minutes of this “Aresanob” episode and it got me all curious as well. Guess I am not the only one… Luckily :).

  58. Hi, another curious occasionaly CSI fan from SLO. (Caruso rules!)
    Veronika & Miha, did you watch it together in Longfield near Wajdušna?

  59. Hi everyone! Now it’s Taiwan’s turn to show cusiosity and meet everyone here. Hope to see next episode to know who attacked Bonasera. was it her boyfriend?

  60. yeahh…now the show has come to sweden…looked “aresanob” up on google…came here…very nice info,people…thanks….greetings from Sweden…

  61. exactly … now the “aresanob” episode has finally arrived even here in Sweden … we’re quite behind, aren’t we? Good thoughts on you!

  62. Hi out there!

    Been laughing when I see all comments here and see that we in Sweden are sooooooo behind with the episodes…. =) I was to cusious so as many before me I searched on Google for “Aresanob” – now i know what she saw…thanks for the info!

    Greetings from a rainy Gothenburg, Sweden

  63. Yep, and finally Austria showed the episode. I immediately looked up in the internet – well, I guess, Austrians are also freaks :-)

  64. Does anybody know what n’oubliez means? Da li netko zna što znači n’oubliez? ste gledali maraton CSI evaca za Novu! 6 epizoda u komadu! Ludo!

  65. Hola soy de España y se acaba de emitir hoy 22 de enero de 2007, es una campaña publicitaria fijo pero lo raro es que no lo hayan aprovechado en Telecinco que es el canal que emite aquí CSI para su propio beneficio, puenteando el link para que fuera a una pagina en español, no lo entiendo. De todas formas esa cara que pone al final Bonasera/Aresanob, parece mas bien de un crimen y de los chungos, no de que el capullo de su novio haya colgado un viedo en internet, pero bueno la campaña está bienp porque yo estoy aquí mirando en internet.

  66. it’s not strange, i also felt the same as u do. i did search for too. what do you think was inside the website? i just watch it the episode.
    do you know what happened on the next episode?

  67. hi there! we are far more behind than you guys i just saw the episode last night and i was really curious about what stella saw…thanx for the information, i cant wait to see the next episode…thanx again!

  68. you’re always gunna get something because, for some reason, by law, if you feature a website on a show that website has to exist. dunno why that is but it is true, like that thing from some late night talk show.

  69. Serbia, midnight. Just ended episode, curiosity f***ed me, start typing on google…
    So, nice to see we are last (like always),
    and I am not alone in “searching stupidity”.
    Best regards

    Boban, Arilje

  70. Yeah, Serbia, we were last in the world to see the freakin episode, and that’s definitely not cool. Poor bastards. :/

    Anyway, that episode was just great, and I knew it just when I saw that Zuiker had written it. That guy is awesome and he kinda looks cool. :S

    I was disappointed what I just saw at aresanob because it’s just a stupid advertisement and nothing else. I thought it was gonna be some occult stuff or brutal murder with some gore scenes, not just a stupid advertisement. I also expected to see det. Bonasera in some real action, not some idiot pretending to be a rock-musician.

    I think that in this episode people should pay more attention to Danny, his relationship with other characters and his emotions but certainly not to Stella watching her own porn.

  71. Now the Aresanob-episode hit Danish television! Are there any more countries left in the world to see it, or are we the last? ;)

    Cool episode, though – can’t wait to see the next one.

  72. Hi CSI TEAM

    From Thailand. I just saw this episode too. Same as you all I i’m very curious about “Aresanob”, there fore I’m here

  73. I was glad to see others were as curious as I. I was in the bed all settle in for a good nights sleep, but after her expression during the ending, I had to come and look up the word for myself.

  74. Just saw the show Apr 25, 2007. Although I have never done something like this before, I felt compelled to find out what she saw on Nice to find out I’m not the only one. Funny how shows suck you in. My favorite is still the original – I buy the season’s DVD’s and watch them when nothing is on…

  75. Hi from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA…just saw the rerun…very cool! I, too, pulled up the black screen and was disappointed. So glad to see all of you here, and from so many countries! I’ve seen the episode that takes place after this Bonasera episode, so I know what’s going to happen, and it’s good to finally see what leads to what happens next. What a great look on her face when she pulls up the site after searching for Aresanob – scary! Good night from Indy! Be sure to watch the Indianapolis 500 car race at the end of May…”The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”!

  76. is her boyfriends name frankie? well i went to to look up aresanob, but there was no definition, but there was a thing for aresanob on the encyclopedia. if u scroll down the screen u can see the different characters and if u read stellas, u can basically see what happens next eppisode if u can’t wait.

  77. Aresenob is an organization of terror cells that engages in mind control on a worldwide basis and ya’ll have just proved how effective their efforts at mind control have been on a global acale. We are now engaged in looking up IP addresses so that we may visit each contaminated person and water-board them back to their senses.

    Water-Boarding! Making good citizens even better!

  78. I am so glad to know that I am not the ONLY one that had to run to the computer after the airing of April 26ths CSI. To see that Aresenob meant and what Stella was OMGing about. So thanks to all of you for having just as much curiosity as I have and doing the same. Everyone have a most Wonderful Day!!

  79. well when i was watching csi ny i was wondering what had her husband had brought to her in that white cover.and when stella had gone on the website aresanob no website for that. and since she had tried to do it again and it had been spelled back words.. it had let her go on one of the only websites that came out on her laptop.and she clicked on it and thats when i did not get to see what she had after i went on the internet and i looked in for ARESANOB and i saw that her and her husband were having s.e.x.and i said what i am confused here..

  80. I have to work my way around my husband and father to watch CSI at times. I get I’m also an idiet. I love all 3 CSI’s. I just watched the episode tonight and hope you all are right about what she saw. I think that is a neat way to get people to stay tuned to the show. I would love after several years of watching the show to become CSI agent myself. Love the show and the way they find the evidence and all that.

  81. guess im the last one who checked out this :)
    cuz im so lazy, i was totally forget when i saw this episode last time. an i just fell asleep. (stupid!) i dropped lines here just want to say hi to everybody in same curiosity in the world. in a way, CSI series is great to meet up people from all over the world. hyojin from Korea, seoul.

  82. I just visited that site and if she saw what I saw.. She saw an ad for CSI on that features her rolling around in the sack with side cuts to Kid Rock which likely made her realize she was a mere figment of fiction traped within a cable television show. This episode just aired on the History channel in Canada.

  83. hy, i’m from romania and i just saw the episode of CSI:NY with ARESANOB and like other..i was curios… heyy…nice blog :) we can meet new people having the same favorite tv show(serial) as me :) bona sera= buna seara…so buna seara from romania. kisses :)

  84. Very funny. no one tells what happens in the next episode, and it’s more than a year old comments here. This episode just finished here in Norway for a few minutes ago…. so what’s happening next???
    HeHe yeh I know i’m curious…

  85. I’m from Kuwait, and last night i watched by accident the aresanob and i just couldn’t sleep without knowing what scared her. ur blog is amazing and more amazing is how people from all over the globe could react the same way to a certain thing. mind u, and i dont watch tv much, but it is just the same. and even though i found my answer at the top i still wanted to read all the reactions. thank u for making it possible :)

  86. I’m from Finland and here just ceme the aresanob from tv and right after it ended, I am searching what the heck did it mean. Funny to know that I am not alone in this case =:. Nice job from CBS.

  87. Yep, it’s Aresanob day in Finland and I just had to search for it. And all that even though I’m in my summer cottage at least a hundred kilometers from civilization and had to hook up with my mobile.

  88. Estonia at last, but i saw it from Finland tv so it takes more time to see the episode from Estonian tv.
    I want to say hi to estonians who will read this, i hope very soon.

  89. Hahaa. I’m from finland and that same episod where this Aresanob is in the end, was shown today :) and I start searching that same thing “what did she saw?”

    Fanny to end on this same page than ewerybody else. :D

  90. i just watched tonites episode and i went to the computer and looked up the word. i was impressed that it actually was a real word and it showed him and her. i guess in next weeks episode she kill him after he kidnaps her and beats her up. too cool.

  91. That is so strange that there is an actual website. Whenever I see an interesting website on TV i try it an d that was the strangest one!!!!!!

  92. I did the same after this episode. This is just a way of promoting CSI en the way of thinking like an investigator. Only then by just looking a cliff hanger word up on the internet ;)

    nice interactive way of keeping people bussy :)

  93. Hi, Here is a message from Portugal. I just have watch now this episode of CSI NY, here in my country, and I did a search in web too about “aresanob”, and I am very frustrated… I’m feeling so foolish and manipulated by TV, and I can’t stand that I didn’t realize that this was a trick of advertising… bah :P

    kisses from Lisboa

  94. I, im also from portugal and I watched this episode last night and I also did a research for the word «aresanob» and I found this can anyone explain to me wath is «bonasera»?

    Its becouse I am a more of a CSI Las Vegas

  95. Like you people I watched CSI.NY and when the show ended I come to the internet search for aresanob… Great ad!!! Curious people we are!!! :P

  96. HEY!!

    I’m watching CSI now, and in fact that site that stella’s boyfriend said was a site about them !! On that site they was HAVING SEX!!!! now i understand why she said : OH MY GOD! ..


    That guy was REALLY prevert!

    Kisses and Hugs from PORTUGAL!!!

  97. Hey all! I live in london and only recently got into CSI and now I can’t stop!!I watch it back to back…. seris 7 Las vegas just started on living tv in the UK…Like you all, I am very curious I just had to know what ‘ARESANOB’ meant.

  98. well,i`m amazed how many people were interesting in the same thing i was.i saw the episode 2 weeks ago but i really wanted to know what it was.well,i was shocked at vthe and!nice to see that people all around the world are here!great….

    greetings from montenegro too….

  99. same old story i just finished tis part and straightaway search the web for tat “aresanob”
    well i did find the answers..thks guys


  100. hi there… lithuania is the last country as i can see where this show was shown…=) it is sad…but great to know that there are lots of people who are interesting in the same thing…and it does not matter that we are THE LAST…=))))
    goodnight, see you…=)))

  101. Hi, Neringa and ya all, nah, Lithuania wasn’t the last one to see this episode, in Estonia we saw this episode tonight, 20:30 pm. But it si good to know now, what mean aresanob, didn’t know what it meant…

  102. Hei! I’m from Estonia and that episode ran here about a week ago. We are behind a whole year (or even more). Greetings to the commentator before me. ;)

  103. Hey, im from latvia.
    Obviously the last country in the world to see the CSI :D

    I was so SO curious about this aresanob :)
    Now i will deffinately watch the next week show. It is cool that they invent something that make people be more interactive.

  104. Hi everyone from Latvia! :)

    I also saw this episode, but more later than u all guys, but anyway i do the same- search for “ARESANOB”, because i whant to know what Stella saw :).

    I glad to read all your comments, thx all!

  105. Hy u guys.I`m from ROmania and i can say that i love C.S.I. Is nice to know that there are so manny fans in this world.I can say that i could do the perfect murder. >:) THis show is great!! See u around.Bye

  106. yeah nice to see i´m not the only one to look for that word in the i-net. i´ve just watched the episode mentioned in the first post and now i find myself writing this comment^^. Greets, bendaman

  107. hey guys I just watched that episode as well and I would have to say I triped when I saw her face and Jason I would have to say if yas call urself a freak I might as well be one to lmao I check online for anything I hear and dont know what is but that freaked me out lol and yes Curious mind is right LOL

  108. Eric here from Texas i Just saw the episode and i guess im a freak also, me and my sister we’re trying to figure out what she had seen, she guessed sex, i thought it was a crime, its intresting how many people from all over and doing this.

  109. I’m in USA, but always behind in seeing new episodes. I just had to find out what it meant because I didn’t know Stella’s last name. I usually watch CSI:LasVegas. This is really neat so I’ll keep watching!


  110. I just got back to watching tv again a few months ago and fell in love with the 3 CSI shows….finally saw this aresanob episode tonight…loved it as well as this blog…..sure is great for all of us curious people :-)

  111. ha ha ha i knew i wasn’t the only one wondering wtf lol i thought it was something that they made up and they actually have a website. cool. lol

  112. OMG! i watched that episode last night [[i being like the #1 CSI fan.{that's what i want to do when i grow up}]] and that woman looked really freaked out so i was dying to look it up. that’s gnarly. haha.

  113. Hi! And the episode was finally on in Poland as well…:) i would really like to see what she saw on but it seems cbs has removed this website already:( this scene must have been nice..;)

  114. I just watched a rerun and had my laptop open, and checked it out. I haven’t seen the next show after this one. Guess I’ll have to buy the season, after I buy all the law and order series

  115. From Trinidad in da Caribbean and as u can tell we’re way behind the rest of the world wrt CSI. I well thought aresanob was something more decent than that skinny ole woman havin sex with her man!

  116. (im 4m trinidad)like shiva said we always behind i now get time to check this word aresanob,i goina check it spelled backwards n c wat i get n hey we have carnival every year i see naked women every year so if its really a video wit she n her boyfriend hving sex then wat can i say,they r crazy ppls,holla im out(hy shiva

  117. well i don’t know actually what aresanob means but i think that when she view the search the tv screen marked a pines so i believe that she discoverd a porno site!!:-)

  118. From the xpression on her face, I believe Stella must have seen something which she least xpected. whether good or bad i can’t wait to see what happens next cos i just watched the episode.(4rm Malaysia)

  119. Yo Mary, m from Malaysia too.. I actualy watched that episode way back. I wanted to check the word up the last time but i forgot. Wow Really can get lots of answer here lol.. M a CSI lover. Tats y i dun mind watching dem repeats. So I gss for me n u its nxt monday at 6pm rite.. Peace

  120. Jeng jeng jeng.
    I’m from Malaysia too. I’m so watching it next Monday. I’m guessing you guys watched the repeat today huh?

    Sarawakian here..but..what is Aresanob means anyway? I mean..what did she saw..was it something being skin off brutally?

  122. I get it now..!! I thought it (Aresanob) was something violent..CSI is awesome..Nxt wednesday will be the next episode..Wuhuu..!! I can’t wait to watch it..

  123. This is great! I Just saw it and my first thought was to find it on the internet… tnx guys.. Now I can go to sleep.. I’m from Serbia, btw..

  124. I’m from Sweden and I also did some searching on Internet, looking after an Aresanob site. I have been working with journalism, communication and been writing about big companies strategies to promote their products via flashes and product placement in television series and shows. It’s not unusual in Sweden, but not as prominent as in USA. We often see a mid-class family with a Volvo car in movies, etc.

    By the way — her name is Bonasera and she is supposed to be a Greek, but Bonasera is not a Greek name. Or is it?


  125. Another thing, backwards: Many people think that the name Mick Jagger is spelled Mick Yagger with an Y, and sometimes Mick spell it this way himself.

    Well, around 1966 and 1967 Mick Jagger spent a lot of time at cool clubs in London. Very close was the hottest music clubs for West Indian immigrants, where Jamaican music as ska and rocksteady could be heard all night long. Mick Jagger often visited these clubs and he liked the music (ten years later he recorded the reggae hit “Don’t Look Back” together with Peter Tosh).

    Sometimes there were live music at the Jamaican clubs in London. Toots & the Maytals, who were the hottest band in Jamaica 1967, often played in London. Mick Jagger met Toots Hibbert and they become good friends. Next year, 1968, Toots Hibbert wrote a rocksteady song for his band The Maytals, and he named this big hit (in Jamaica) “Do The Reggay”. This was the first time the word “reggae” was mentioned, only spelled a little different.

    As you can see, the word “reggay” is the word “yagger” backwords . Toots named the rocksteady hit after his good friend Mick “Yagger”. Soon afterwards the rocksteady music became slower with a more accentuated backbeat, and the music was called “reggay”, quickly changed to “reggae”.

    People often speculate that the word “reggae” comes from “regular music” or from the slang word “streagge”, but know you know the truth. Verdad?

  126. The fact that anyone had to guess what she saw makes me laugh. It was a website with her name spelled backwards and they even showed a reflection in her eyes. It was obvious that she was upset because it was a video of her and her boyfriend having sex. It is the same thing that has been done in other movies.

  127. I just finised watching this episode on Spike Tv and like the rest of you, I googled it and found this place, lol. I was thinking it was child porn or something wild that made her react that way.

    The next show has begun and it may be the continuation from this one, I’ll see…..

  128. So funny – I’ve just watched the show and decided to find the “aresanob” and found you. By the way, I’m from Russia. Hi, everyone. ;)

  129. Iv just watched this epidsode on the five US channel. Im in the UK but have never been into CSI until recently i was dead curious as to what aresanob meant. lol now i kno. Great way to get people to visit the CSI website.

  130. hahaha (Well i think this might be the last reply).. I am from India… was just bored and clicked on CSI: NY (online) .. found it quite good .. but it was amazing in the end .. i read at the whole blog for like 15 mins.. bt couldnt realli find out what exactly was…
    Still i am so excited.. but not as excited to see everyone together… God i love this world and the people living..
    Safe.. peace

  131. Dhruv, ur not d last reply :-). I know im late, i catched the episode on d full seasons DVD, always prefer to wait for full seasons coz i know i couldnt wait til d following weeks. i watched all 3 CSIs, luv it all. and yes, i was curious n googled right after. its amazing how a series can do 2 d ppl around d world.

    Belle – Borneo

  132. Just watched the episode now (had it sitting in the PVR) and out of curiousity I (of course!) went online to try the URL. Unfortunately the page was gone by now… :(

    I must confess, I have checked such URL’s appearing in TV series for quite a while, since the very first time I tried and found a couple of sites appearing in an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Back then I got to sites looking exactly like the ones I had seen Melinda Gordon look at in Ghost Whisperer (trying the search engine she uses etc. didn’t get me anywhere though). Can’t remember what they where (wondering if maybe one was or something like that?). When I saw a re-run a few months ago, I tried again and the sites still existed (too lazy right now, have tons of windows open and a super slow computer that sorely needs a restart to get re-vitalized ;) )… Kind of cool with such interactive effects in TV shows, I think. Oh well, maybe I should be patient this time and just wait for the next episode?

    Bottom line, I don’t think you are weird for checking such sites… Or, maybe the case just is that I’m equally weird? ;)

  133. I also just watched the episode in question ‘Aresanob’, which is a rerun from the 2004 or 2006 season….my question is what is the title of the episode that would have normally followed it when it first aired? Maybe we can glean an idea at why she looked so horrified….from Central Cali..

  134. I just saw the episode that followed the one where stella sees the website and gasps, the website was her and her boyfriend having sex and then she actually gets into an argument and shoots him in the heart because he has been stalking her throughout their entire relationship.

  135. I am not all that excited about watching TV. I have way too many Important things going on in my Life, to “STOP” and watch some “MADE-UP-STUFF!” Look at all the time you waste sitting there doing nothing. How about all the things you NEVER get around to doing, because of TV? Don’t you feel like your Cheating yourself, out of progress? I watched the show for the first time today, and thought it was “SlicK” of them to mention a Website, so the thousand of “Don’t have a Life” viewers, would flock to the Internet, to search up some made-up nonsence. I bet the Creators of the show, had a couple of good laughs, on how “GULLIBLE” you are!! My TV is only on, just for sound, I occasionally take my eyes out of a Book, to look at it. So I never watch whole Episodes of nothing, and I get sooooo much accomplished. You know the TV is called “THE IDIOT TUBE”, for a reason. The more you SIT and watch it, LIFE passes you by!! What I am fascinated about is HOW people can get soooo excited over these Shows on TV, actrually giving them so much power, in your lives. Now, WHAT does that tell you about yourself? I came to this Website purely to see how many people would and what was on your Minds, about this show. A bunch of Nonsence, Something about Nothing!!!! I own a Boat, I ski in the Mountains, Picnics on the Beach, Camping and Hiking in the Woods, I go to the Theatre, Opera, Symphony, Jazz Concerts (Just saw Janet and Mary J) and I Teach Kids how to R-E-A-D on Saturdays. Now, do you THINK I would be able to have such a “FULL” Life, if I sat around looking at that “Idiot Box”, all the time???? Oh, I forgot to mention, I weigh 110 pounds, because I cook all the time, don’t eat Fast Foods, and STAY in the Gym. I have NO type of Bad or Serious Health conditions. All of this takes Dedication and Determination. Yeah, sometimes I want to just lay around and get all involved in that “IDIOT BOX”, but then my Curious Mind, starts trailing off into something MORE Stimulating, so I start my Projects. How can you find solace in doing “NOTHING”, is a Mystery to me!
    (Sorry, no Spell-Check here) Ms. “D”

  136. Sorry. I don’t care that you leave a comment, but personal attacks are uncalled for. For someone that can’t spell, you should take your own advice. Why call the TV an idiot box? Out of 200+ comments, you were the first to form opinions about others. I’m very successful with a great education. I have a family that I take care of & would never give that up. Yes, you own a boat… what would you like for owning a boat? I’ve done all the things you mentioned except go skiing in the mountains. I’m glad that you have great confidence and have accomplished a lot in life. Please don’t ever leave another comment attacking other people here.

  137. Deborah responds…….In case you haven’t noticed, this is AMERICA, and the INTERNET is “FREE” open to the PUBLIC. You can’t tell anyone NOT to respond here, JUST because their Opinion, doesn’t FOLLOW the Crowd or is different. Have you noticed how some of the responses on Yahoo Answers, are “Very Hurtful” sometimes, yet “YAHOO” has yet to tell anyone to “STOP!” What you have a right to do however is Complain that a Comment falls into the Catagory of a “THREAT”, which my “General Thoughts and Comments” Clearly “DON’T!” I think it is interesting when a Comment or Tone of a response is “DIFFERENT”, than the CROWD. Shows some Originality and YES—Confidence. My whole Point of responding, Mr. “EDUCATION” was to give the Readers something to “THINK” about, to “ANALYZE” the thought, “Hem….is TV REALLY wasting too much of my Time, keeping me away from Important Projects?” NOT to Verbally Attack anyone, just for FUN, or that I have nothing to do. I do not intend of going back and forth with this Issue here, I am moving FORWARD, to my next Project–Invention.
    Ms. “D”

  138. Your opinions are ludicrous & asinine. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to post here anymore. Thanks for visiting again & have a wonderful day.

  139. I’ve just watched the show last night. Boy…… we sure are way behind. But like the rest of you guys, the first thing I did as I got into the office this morning was check the net. Thanks guys….see you soon.

  140. I really just posted to be part of this really long message, but I am a fan of CSI. Like everyone else, I found myself here due to curiousity. I do have to thank everyone for your info on the topic of this “aresanob” website, but I wonder what happens in the next episode……anyone know?

  141. Nevermind, I read a little more and got the rest of the story.

    I do have to say one thing though, that Deborah chick is crazy, she probably spends more time judging other people than actually enjoying life! What a loser

  142. severa lampara esa Deborahh
    definitivamente hay mucha gente
    ignorante sin nada en la cabeza que
    le gusta Ofender a la gente sin Argumentos

  143. i just wanted to know if there is a real peruvian word for soul of a woman. obviously its not aresanob. im always looking for different things, and ive been looking for different tattoo ideas. i want something with woman and after seeing that i thought it was realli cool. if you have any information. id greatly appreciate hearing it.
    Thanks !

  144. I watch only a few shows on tv. CSI New York and NCIS. I had to look up the word to see why she had such a look of horror on her face. Now I dont get to see New York very often as it is on after I go to bed so when they had a marathon, I had to watch. Wasn’t Bonasera the girl who was murdered trying to convict a rapist who had been let off? I think she was fired and was investigating on her own when it happened. I’m not sure!

  145. @Jason Hansen
    Jason… I have to say that you handled Deborah and her uncalled for comments very well… obviously she spends some time on her butt since she was on the web…that is of course unless she was typing as she was skiing downhill. anyway, thank you for standing up for, pretty much all of us!

  146. @Deborah
    You sure have alot to say about people that watch tv and yet you sit here on your computor and write a long letter. How much life did you miss out on by sitting long enough to form semi intelegent thoughts to degrade other people. you say we need a life for watching the show. I say you need one for taking time to insult other people.

  147. Darn! I missed the website. I caught the rerun on Spike TV and looked up Aresanob on the web. I think it’s kinda neat when TV shows and movies come up with fake websites. It shows some creativity.

  148. I am not all that excited about reading. I have way too many Important things going on in my Life, to “STOP” and read some “MADE-UP-STUFF!” Look at all the time you waste sitting there doing nothing. How about all the things you NEVER get around to doing, because of reading? Don’t you feel like your Cheating yourself, out of progress? I read a book for the first time today, and thought it was “SlicK” of them to mention a Website, so the thousand of “Don’t have a Life” readers, would flock to the Internet, to search up some made-up nonsence. I bet the writer of the book, had a couple of good laughs, on how “GULLIBLE” you are!! My books only sit on the shelf, just for appearances, I occasionally take my eyes off of my TV, to look at them. So I never read whole books, and I get sooooo much accomplished. The more you SIT and read books, LIFE passes you by!! What I am fascinated about is HOW people can get soooo excited over these Books, actrually giving them so much power, in your lives. Now, WHAT does that tell you about yourself? A bunch of Nonsence, Something about Nothing!!!! I own a Boat, I ski in the Mountains, Picnics on the Beach, Camping and Hiking in the Woods, I go to the Theatre, Opera, Symphony, Jazz Concerts (Just saw Janet and Mary J) and I Take Kids to the movies on Saturdays. Now, do you THINK I would be able to have such a “FULL” Life, if I sat around reading books, all the time???? Oh, I forgot to mention, I weigh 180 pounds, because I cook all the time, don’t eat Fast Foods, and STAY in the Gym. I have NO type of Bad or Serious Health conditions. All of this takes Dedication and Determination. Yeah, sometimes I want to just lay around and get all involved in those BOOKS, but then my Curious Mind, starts trailing off into something MORE Stimulating, so I start my Projects. How can you find solace in doing “NOTHING”, is a Mystery to me!
    (Sorry, no Spell-Check here) Mr “C”


  150. @MISSI

    AMEN Missi! i totally agree!
    and kudos to you Jason for kicking Deborah’s mouthy ass off your website! i hope she read every one of these comments and got pissed off that she could no longer reply.
    anyway…about the show, I just saw the CSI:NY rerun episode this afternoon on Spike TV and the episode that followed it. They were great episodes. I don’t usually watch CSI but I’ve been catching the reruns and getting hooked…hehe
    and like most others, i was curious about the website too but it’s no longer available :( and that’s how I ended up here on your blog :)

  151. I only saw the end of the episode after the aresanob one and im really confused lol….what was that whole stella/frankie fight about??

  152. hahaha!!! yeah me too!!! i just saw this episode on fact, im watching it again right now. haha. what year was this? ;p

  153. Im kinda pissed that i cant see what the site had on it, they should atleast throw it up for just a day or two if they air this episode DAMN!!!! i feel like i’m missing out on alot now LOL.

  154. Just as “Kitkat” my curiosity got the best of me ! After viewing Csi on Spike ,tv. {re-run} i had to look up that site. Trouble is…i still “do not” know what Aresanob means and remain perplexed!! Anybody out there know what it means? i am not a steady viewer of the program,and have just recently gotten interested.Especially,after the reaction that Stella had after going online to view the Aresanob site. it’s driving me crazy not knowing !!

  155. they have to buy it cause if they say like…. is a site and someone makes it before them, then the person can trash them and put negative stuff or it could be a porn site and curious people go on it.. to see if the show is talking about a real site

  156. You can add your details here if you like:,_Run_Deep_(CSI:_NY_episode)

    I have found it maddeningly difficult in 2009 to find out what was actually on the website (that she saw).
    I have gathered in bits and pieces that her boyfriend stalked and filmed her having sex with him – then posted it on the aresanob website (which he also titled a sculpture he made of and for her).

  157. hahahah…when i first saw this site, i thought it was old….and there will be no new posts…but wow…i JUST got done watching it and had to figure out what it meant…and it seems like so many people are doing the same thing and the same time…surprising because of how late it is.

  158. What video? I thought she just figured out that was her last name written backwards and figured out he lied about what is stood for. Am I wrong?

  159. Well, color me Mr. Curiosity if you must. That’s why I am at the site.
    They are clever I must admit. It was a good show tonight.
    I thought it was going to mean something like she was two faced but hey, I have a history with THAT kind of people.
    Too funny !

  160. Good guess about the video of them together. Could be, the reflection from the screen was moving.
    I think she dresses pretty hot for a cop. A little too reveiling for real life actually.

  161. Yes, it is her name spelled backwards. When she searched it on the internet it lead her to a website that her boyfriend had posted. On the website were videos of them in his bed. She was horrified, and that’s what ultimately made her angry at him, for lying and for posting such terrible videos.

  162. so i tried to go onto the website but because the episode is from so long ago i could not find it so i think there is no other way to see the video but if you watch the next episode it actually shows you what she seen

  163. lol your not wierd. I just watched the same episode and instantly went and turned on my computer to find out what it was! so far though I have no clue

  164. I think we are all a little wierd, that’s why we all typed it into our computers. As if we couldn’t get enough of it or something. Bonesera is hot, and SHOULD be watched with her lover in bed on the internet. Ahhhh,….alas, it’s not happenin’..much like these 153 letters I have received this year from Bangledesh to HongKong. If I add up all the money I’m going to receive…I think I could be a trillionaire by mid-August. Anybody else want to help me count all of these US Dollars???

  165. My husband and I just saw the CSI NY this afternoon and I got on the internet, hoping to find out what happened at the end of the program. I didn’t feel stupid or that is was a waste of time. I am on the computer about five hours a week but it is nice to have it for certian things. I love my tv and don’t appoligize for watching. I always feel that I learn something from shows like CSI. I read, involved in our community and enjoy time with our granddaughters. I am missing nothing. This is my first time responding to a website.

  166. no in the following episode it showed a vid of him nd her in bed nd she got mad so he tried to kill her but she shot him in self deffence

  167. it would be abnormal for a die-hard fan of CSI not to have tried it!! I had to try it,the suspense over what Stella saw when she logged on was killing me

  168. well, I love CSI: NY and I had to see what Stella saw. Well, as we all know now, this is what we all see when going to the site. Well, then, where is the clip for next week’s show?? lol
    xoxo Carol

  169. No… Well, at least I don’t think it’s weird.
    They do it on purpose. That’s how I got here to respond to you; and how I found out about 2nd Life!!!

  170. @vita Saw on another site that Bonasera sees a video recorded by her boyfriend of both of them having sex at The episode actually appeared three months ago and she confronts him about the video in a subsequent episode.

  171. Also my curiosity made me look up the word on the net as I was hoping to see a closer look at the sculpture !!
    And that’s how I ended up here :)

    Saudi Arabia

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